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Peter Feldenheimer & Associates was established in 1962, in Los Angeles. In 1966, the offices were relocated to Menlo Park, in Northern California. The practice specializes in tax-qualified and non-qualified benefit plan designs for individuals, partnerships, and corporations.

We help individuals, partnerships, and corporations such as members of national sports franchises and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) set up tax-favored benefit plans that provide owners and employees with a more secure future.

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Creative Life Insurance planning with unique designs for individuals and those with special requirements. We solely develop creativity and integrity will our clients. We are in a  position to offer special Proprietary Plans with over 20 leading Life  Insurance companies.

  Leading carriers will now offer “ Living  Benefits “ to provide coverage For a Chronic Illness as well as a Terminal Illness. Long – Term Care riders are in many cases added to contracts with no increased premiums.

    Retention for  Key employees can be addressed with Executive Bonus Plans as well as High Amounts Of Disability coverage. In and above normal company Group Benefits.

   We provide annual reviews of coverages in force for our clients. In many cases, the needs of the Insured will often change. Life Insurance carriers offer new coverages that in many cases will benefit Individuals and companies.

   An analysis of present coverages may be of help with no obligation. We are located in Menlo Park, Ca, And can be contacted @ 1-650 324- 4491.